The Real Meaning of Valentine’s Day

Do you remember Valentine’s Day in school? Chances are, if you attended classrooms with mixed setting, there was an exchange of Valentine’s day gifts among students, usually in the form of heart stickers. The girls were usually excited in anticipation, and the boys, often shy or unable to comprehend the occasion.  Decoration in schools consisted of red hearts, love poems and cupids. In more conservative settings, the power of love too strong to stop the passing of notes among the mischievous.  As kids got older, expectations grew.  Now, red roses are the flower arrangement of choice, the perfect Valentine’s gift idea, as it symbolizes love.  Nothing makes the expression of love more heart-felt then roses. Valentine’s Day is in fact, just that. The opportunity to express the interest of love in day where that special someone should hear it.

Ironically, Valentine’s day is symbolized by a diapered baby, yielding a deadly weapon! This creature shoots couple with a bow and arrow, making them fall in love with each other instantly! But, we don’t recommend an arrow as a Valentine’s day gift.

Valentine day is originally named after St. Valentine. St Valentine was put in jail for secretly marrying lovers, and defying the Roman laws that demand warriors to be single for maximum bravery. For this heroic passion for love, St Valentine was actually sentenced to death and the holiday named after him for his desire to break the rules for true love.   Stories and myths are told, in fact, to make people dream of the impossible. To think of something new, something daring.

I may be a romantic at heart, but love is in fact deadly. The perfect couple don’t need much more than a simple gesture of love. Couple’s often stress about this day, but Valentine’s day, in my humble opinion, is about a simple gift that conveys messages of the heart. So unless you plan on defying the Roman empire, or dodging a stinging arrow from Cupid’s love bow, perhaps a perfectly arranged bouquet of romantic flowers is the best valentine day gift for her.