House Warming Gift Ideas

A new family just moved into your neighborhood and you want to welcome them with an impressive housewarming gift? In this post we will discuss our favorite housewarming gifts that will create a great first impression and make the neighbors feel welcomed.

Bright Bouquet and Flower Wreaths

What could be better than a blooming bunch of warm and colorful flowers? Greet your neighbors with a personalized hand-tied bouquet that can make a stunning arrangement for their new home and bring a fresh and lively air to the house.

No one can ever say no to a beautiful flower wreath. It instantly brightens up the living room and is just the perfect gift your neighbor needs when they are still in the midst of decorating their new house.

Cakes and Candles

Desserts (mainly cakes) are a tradition way to welcome new families and to make them feel comfortable. Send your neighbors a delicious cake from through our quick delivery. It’s a good idea if your neighbors have recently moved in as they will have a lot of guests over.

Candles add a hospitable and peaceful touch to the house. Why not gift your neighbors a set of luxury candles? They smell great and look gorgeous as home decorations.

Gift Basket and Mini Grill

To add your own flavor to the housewarming present, customize a basket with your favorite cookies, finger food and a few household items. Wrap the gift basket with fresh flowers and surprise your neighbors.

If your neighbor happens to be friends or an acquaintance, you can even gift them a mini grill. They’re specifically the best idea for fall winter as there are a lot barbecue parties and festive occasions lined up. Decorate the grill top with a flower bouquet of yellow mums, red carnations and blue statice and your new friends will surely invite you for their fist grill cocktail.

White Centerpiece and House Plants

Elegantly and utterly sophisticated, white flower arrangements are one of the most popular arrangements for housewarming presents. Shop for a beautiful emblem of white hydrangeas, daisies, chrysanthemum and orchids from or visit our store in Dubai Marina.

Wish your neighbors good luck for their new beginning with a beautiful houseplant from 800Flower. Be it an elegant phalaenopsis orchid in a classic vase or a unique bonsai, these ornate yet understated displays are perfect for mantelpiece or coffee tables.

You can shop for a beautiful range of housewarming gifts including flowers, delicious cakes, greeting cards and houseplants at 800Flower boutique in Dubai Marina. For online orders across the UAE visit our website or call 800 356937.