Top Fresh Flowers for Fall

If you are a bride getting married this fall winter or a housewife who loves to spend her extra time designing the house, here is our list of top 5 flowers this season! You can always shop for these fresh beauties on or visit us at our shop in Dubai Marina and meet our flower experts!


A classy country flower in hues of lavender, white, pink and sky blue Delphinium are mildly fragrant flowers that represent sweetness and lightness. These flowers give added height to flower arrangements and are best used in rustic bridal bouquets and center pieces.



A bright and cheery flower in hues like blue, purple, burgundy, pink and green, Hydrangea symbolises gratitude, sincerity and devotion. Enduring grace and beauty these clusters of joy are best used as fillers in the bouquet and floral arrangements as well as alone.


A symbol of adoration and loyalty, sunflower adds a dash of happiness and energy to any arrangement or bouquet. These vibrant flowers go well with just any colour and brings warmth and luxury in the chilly weather.


A symbol of love and luxury, this ornamental flower comes in colours like pink, orange, red, burgundy, apricot and green. Used in boutonniere, flower corsages, bouquets or lavish arrangements, they add extravagance and radiance.


Playful yet romantic, carnation is historically rich and meaningful flower. It stands for everlasting beauty and pure love. Effortlessly beautiful, this captivating flowers is perfect for floral arrangements and wedding bouquets.


For more expert advice and queries call us at 800 356937, email or visit our store 800Flower in Dubai Marina; our team of florists will gladly assist you. For online orders and delivery across the UAE visit our websiteย



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